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Garden of the GodsEdit


The Garden of the Gods is the place where Daedalus's workshop was at when Percy and the others reached it.


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The Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was owned by Charles Elliott Perkins until he died. According to his wishes, the park was donated to the state in 1909 and was declared a free park.

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansEditEdit

The Battle of the LabyrinthEditEdit

During the events of the Battle of the Labyrinth, Rachellead Percy and Annabeth through the endless maze toDaedalus' Workshop. The location of the workshop was located in the Garden of the Gods, a place that Daedelus said the workshop always went back to because it liked this place. It is located in Colorado Springs up in the foothills, at least 500 ft up according to Percy who said he was going to be a grease spot in the Garden of the Gods.